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It's absolutely amazing what we can learn from our children! ♡

Hello buddies back once again with a love story, I don't know how many gonna like this story, little bi zayda emotional hai, high voltage drama, maybe some don.

You really, really do...

You drive me crazy HH and I luv you :)

Proud to say I'm good at listening. So many times I just need to talk and vent. I just need someone to listen to me and let me figure things out on my own. Just hear me


Once upon a time there was a boy who loved a girl, and her laughter was a question he wanted to spend his whole life answering.

100 Relationships Quotes About Happiness Life To Live By 13 #relationship #lovequotes #soulmatesigns

100 Relationships Quotes About Happiness Life To Live By 13 #relationship #lovequotes #soulmatesigns

Best love Sayings & Quotes    QUOTATION – Image :    As the quote says – Description  It's a man's job to respect women…..  Sharing is Love – Don’t forget to share this quote and share the love !

Love Quotes For Him & For Her :It's a man's job to respect women.....

Be a respectable woman if you wish to find a man who respects you.

So true

Real men never stop trying

Kids don't remember what you try to teach them. They remember what you are.

Yeah and my kids remember what u did to me, from the split lip to the bruises and I will make sure they NEVER turn out or end up with someone like u.


I love it when I see old people together, because it makes me believe that true love exist and forever exists.

Keep Going.

Keep Going.

God saving you for someone special.

I'm not a big "God" or "big picture" person. But for some reason I believe this with my entire being.


Don’t force yourself to fall in love just because you think it’s your turn. Wait for a while, maybe cupids are having a hard time searching for the heart that deserves the kind of love you can give.

Sounds about right

People say they care - mesns nothing until they prove it. Very true, action speaks louder than words.