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The ketchup is almost out...but you know there's still a bit more left. Why waste it? Sound familiar? Get every last drop out of your favourite sauce, mayo, sweet toppings. The LAST DROP has been ingeniously designed so you don't have to shake and then wait for the contents to come down. Just store the bottles of your 'tasties' upside down in the stable LAST DROP and be sure the contents are ready when you are! Turn the LAST DROP upside down to fit various shapes and sizes of bottles.

The PET Bottle Grip is a sturdy handle for pouring drinks from a PET bottle. The PET Bottle Grip can easily be folded around the neck of the bottle and locked with a simple movement. After this, you can use one hand to pour the contents of the PET bottle using little force. Due to its compact design, the PET Bottle Grip can remain around the bottle when you put it in the fridge. The PET Bottle Grip is suitable for all types of PET bottles from 0.5 to 2 liters.

RSVP Onion Goggles Tear Free Slicing Cutting Chopping Mincing Onion Goggles | The ideal gift for budding chefs, kitchen connoisseurs, busy Mom's and anyone else who spends time in the kitchen on cooking duty. Comfortable, foam seal protects eyes from irritating onion vapours. Anti-fog lenses offer maximum clarity and eye protection. Unisex design fits all shape faces. Comes complete with storage case."

I have one of these and it works absolutely wonderfully! The ice cubes are perfect to pop in a cheap plastic water bottle and refill with iced tea or lemonade.

Joseph Joseph Twist™ 2-in-1 Silicone Whisk

Spaghetti boats

Spaghetti boats ...made with leftover spaghetti and garlic bread! Easy and delicious! #recipes