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Looks like starbucks enjoys their freedom but not God or the people who made it possible! I haven't supported them in a while.and this is another reason I'm glad I don't & will never support them! I BOYCOTT STARBUCKS

I want to do this

Media Art Design 4 - Project November 2012 - Fake Swimming pool installation in Japan by Erlich Empty space topped with thin layer of water over transparent glass

Unfortunately yes but she's all also a piece of shit. Just a like shinier.

She defended a rapist jeez can you stop I didn't know feminists liked rapists

Suddenly you became everything to me

I met you and didn't give you much of a thought.we became friends and that's all I thought of you.then we went on a date and you slowly became my everything!

(The girl who seemed unbreakable broke, the girl who always laughed cried, the girl who never stop trying finally gave up. She dropped a fake smile as a tear ran down her cheek and she whispered to herself "I can't do this anymore" ~ Unknown)

Rambling Renovators: Download: Laundry Symbol Art  frame for laundry room

dorm room tips tricks - all helpful but the laundry cheat sheet might be the most useful

That LAST POINT!! because that is y'all biggest argument when it comes to feminism: "Feminism is wrong!! It should be called equality! All you're trying to do is place women above men!" In order for that to happen, it would mean that you already recognize there's an imbalance in power (men above women). Where's that equality you were talking about, hypocrite?~

Don't fight hate with hate - so you admit there is hate. --> Feminist just want to switch the roles so women are above men instead - so you're recognizing an existing inequality and power imbalance


So true. The things in life most important you make time for. So dedicate life to being healthy, happy and a better person. Also goes for people.


Farmer gets astonished after the answer of the little boy awww thats really sweet


For my brother GPS-Grace Power Strength: Divorced? For The Single Man or Woman: My Hope For You

Women Equality

24 Oct Icelandic women went on strike at home & on their jobs. It shut down th entire country. The men could barely cope. Next yr: law equal pay guarantee passed. later: world's woman President. Now: highest gender equality in th world