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Not only did a pristine Merveille du Jour turn up – one of the most beautiful moths at this time of year

Merveille du Joir, Moma alpium, a UK moth. The female lays her eggs on the branches or in bark crevices of oak trees which overwinter and then hatch as caterpillars in April/June. After pupation they emerge as colorful adults in September/October.

Dragonflies; Photograph Batiendo alas by Juan Renart

dragon fly - attract dragon flies to your garden by giving them a perching spot. Be it a bean stake, or even a few lone bamboo poles throughout your garden, you are sure to attract these mosquito eating beauties!

Idolomantis diabolica aka Devil’s Flower Mantis or Giant Devil’s Flower Mantis | The Dancing Rest

Idolomantis diabolica aka Devil’s Flower Mantis or Giant Devil’s Flower Mantis

he extraordinary "Skull Caterpillar" is the larvae of the pink Underwing Moth, an endangered species fighting for its life in the Australian rainforest.

Moth larvae's bony face makes it look fierce (but it's just skullduggery to deter predators)

larvae of the Imperial Fruit-Sucking Moth (Phyllodes imperialis), subspecies of the south. Its most out-standing characteristic are the teeth and eyes that appear to be drawn on its head that look like a human skull.

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Carpenter Bee - chews inch holes in wood rafters and beams weakening them. Spray in holes and drive HARDWOOD dowels to prevent young from escaping eggs have been laid. Check with local Extension Service for more info.