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(5) Team Lana Parrilla (@TeamLParrilla) | Twitter

(5) Team Lana Parrilla (@TeamLParrilla) | Twitter

Easy way to clean rusty cast iron grill grates.

Easy way to clean rusty cast iron grill grates is to simply use steel wool on after heating the grill.

I’ve come to the conclusion that you can make pretty much anything you can buy from the store.  This is especially true with cleaning products. In the past I have shared my recipes for laundry detergent and dishwasher detergent, today I’m going to share my recipe for bleach. We usually have a jug of bleach …

Homemade Bleach

Homemade, non-toxic bleach alternative 1 cup hydrogen perioxide 2 Tablespoons lemon juice 15 cups of water

Get your BBQ ready for grilling season - looks brand new!

How to Clean a BBQ

How to Clean a BBQ - Clean and easy. But you may want to use Murphy Oil. wood cleaner to cut some of the grease if you have build up.

Peppermint Oil, the best repellent! #oil #mouse #peppermint

Now, you too can have the same Amber BPA-Free Plastic Bottles and High Quality Black Pump Tops the team at Southern Zoomer uses to bottle their Premium Sweet Almond Oil. Our customers love them!

Manchas de agua dura en el inodoro. 1/4 taza de bórax, vinagre 1 taza, espere 20 minutos matorrales. Shine trono

Surefire Ways to Remove Ugly Hard Water Stains From a Toilet

Rizador | C�mo limpiar absolutamente (casi) todas y cada una de las cosas

DIY: How to Clean Your Curling Iron.this is so simple but the results are great! The fix: grab a piece of steel wool {Not the kind with soap in it} and rub it gently all over the curling iron. In five minutes or less it will look as good as new.

Alka Seltzer: Clean a toilet.  Clean a vase. Polish jewelry. Clean a Thermos or Sigg bottle.  Unclogs a drain. ..who knew!

Alka Seltzer: Clean a toilet, clean a vase, polish jewelry, clean a thermos, unclog a drain .

How to Keep Clean Bathroom at TidyMom.net

Unclog drain

4 steps to make cleaning your bathroom on a daily basis, an easy habit that should only take five minutes and will make your cleaning easier in the long run.