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Practice food safety when the power goes outHere’s what you need to know about food safety and avoiding foodborne illness when the lights go out.

How To Preserve Meat With A Crock - There is a very old method of preserving some types of meat and fish known as “potting” or “crocking”. It is a non-electric method of meat and fish preservation that was widely prevalent before the advent of home canning. Potting or crocking meat and fish is a method that is no longer recommended by the USDA because of the potential for botulism food poisoning. But in many areas of the world, especially France, it is a method that is still widely…

Top 10 Ways to Be Self-Sufficient, Wherever You Are

6 Things Our Great-Grandparents Did Better Than Us

These are 6 things our great-grandparents did better than us and things we really need to focus on getting back to. These are 6 things that could save your life and something everyone should be aware of. Do you do any of these?

DIY Tea Light Oven for Off-Grid Cooking

DIY Tea Light Oven for Off-Grid Cooking | The Busy B Homemaker | #prepbloggers #offgrid #cooking