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20+ Easy and Gorgeous Nail Art Ideas You Need to Try 2017

My Sailor Moon nail art video. Sailor Moon is my favourite childhood character and I'm so happy to finally have this on my nails!

/Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon/#1481669 - Zerochan. Cool stuff is cool. Plus, ya know, Artemis.

Artemis, Luna and Diana 💖 Chibiusa and Helios 💖 Mamoru and Usagi 💖 Princess Serenity and Príncipe Endymion 💖

Sailor Moon is how I met my best friend, so basically, without Sailor Moon, my life would fucking suck.

New Sailor Moon Images

An early anime that first introduced me to the genre. A series of stories about a girl who is the reincarnated moon princess and her friends who's powers come from their planetary namesakes to protect earth from evil.

Sailor collar tutorial by nyunyucosplay

Here is a tutorial for how to create a sailor collar - I made a Sailor Mercury collar, but it can be used for other things besides Sailor Moon costumes, such as school uniforms - just modify the pa.