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FINLAND: Basic Income experiment authorized by Parliament | BIEN

How financial markets no longer support business, and thus, economic growth

Trump to cede millions of high-wage jobs to China Beijing will create 13 million jobs by 2020, investing $360 billion in clean energy, while Trump vows to abandon the sector.

SOCIETY could collapse at some point in the 2020s as political turmoil sweeps the Western world.

The CEO of Sears Fails His Company by Believing in Ayn Rand and the Invisible Hand - Evonomics

George Kerevan, Stephen Boyd and Katherine Trebeck see a world where employees are treated like just-in-time inventory.

Canada's richest CEOs will make your entire annual salary before you have lunch today

Canada's top CEOs earn 193 times average worker's salary - Business - CBC News

It's time to heed warnings about humanity's collision course | Science Matters | David Suzuki Foundation

How Capitalism Actually Generates More Inequality - Evonomics

They Don't Just Hide Their Money. Economist Says Most of Billionaire Wealth is Unearned. - Evonomics