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i can do this with my cricut..save myself $109!

Unlike common vinyl decals, Pop & Lolli chic fabric wall stickers are ultra easy to install and play with. Pop & Lolli experience-design wall decals are made in the USA of nontoxic eco-friendly materials and water-based adhesives

Это, пожалуй, мой любимый вариант альтернативной новогодней елки. Она сделана из обрезков пластиковых труб приклеенных на лист фанеры. Внутрь обрезков труб удобно ставить елочные игрушки. Такая елка не занимает места и выглядит очень креативно.  (новый год,рождество,елка,подарки,декор,елочные игрушки,хвоя,гирлянды,конфети,сделай сам,самоделки,скандинавский) .

14 самодельных альтернативных новогодних елок

DIY Christmas--Have a stylish modern home? Make yourself a stylish modern Christmas tree! Check out this neat DIY PVC pipe christmas tree tutorial.

Trees in gradation

value, atmospheric perspective, space, In classes of Grade year-old) we have painted a forest of trees without preliminary drawing, using directly the brushes and the acrylics paints on the white paper.

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Crayon silhouette tree on tissue paper . I like this idea. PRINT a bunch of tree silhouettes on white paper and then let the kids stick on tissue that's already torn.

Crayon Art - Chicago Skyline. Melted crayons and finger smudges to create the background. Paint for the skyline.

Chicago Skyline Crayon Art - BUT I want it done with the Seattle Skyline. Melted crayons and finger smudges to create the background.