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Font Organizing Can Be Fun!

Fonts are really easy to become addiction too. I do a lot of stuff on my computer so I’ve gathered quite a large collection so I needed a way to organize them. Luckily there is this wonderful free font program that works perfectly for that job! I’ll explain how to use it and give you the link to download it. I’ll also give you some basic font info which is good to know and then give you the link to my favorite website that has thousands of free fonts!

37 Insanely Clever Organization Tips To Make Your Family's Lives Easier

Thinking about how you'll organise your pantry can help you design it before you build it. Here's some thoughts to consider for which shelf to put which items on, which will also optimise your pantry space, to help you think about it not being too small or so oversized you never use half of it and could have used the extra space for something else. by The Nest Effect

How to Organize Your Bills

How to Organize Your Bills. Bill Organization Printables. I need this for my new (must still be made) home binder.

21 Day Organization Challenge    Organize your entire home in just 21 days by doing ONE small section at a time!