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The Bush


Why don't you put the cat down and come over here and have a seat.

DONALD TRUMP 2016 - Google Search

trump: someone give him a laxative, he clearly is constipated

I think way too many times we take living in America for granted. When I leave my house I don't worry if it will still be standing when I come back. I AM SO BLESSED!!!!!! I thank God for my country!

A very powerful photograph…

A Palestinian child reacts moments after coming home from school and realizing that his family house had been demolished by the municipality in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Hanina

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whips and chains belong in the bedroom, not in the circus! respetemos a los animales!


Funny pictures about Money can't buy me happiness. Oh, and cool pics about Money can't buy me happiness. Also, Money can't buy me happiness.

College Republican

Meme: "College Conservative"- I go to school with a lot of these bozos

Diary of a Customer Service Girl

This election reminds me of an old saying; never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

Donald Trump Memes: Best And Funniest Jokes Attacking Presidential Hopeful After Mexico Bashing

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Silly poor people money is for rich people Mitt Romney

Right before this picture of laughing Mitt was taken, he was asked, "Remember when Greed used to be considered one of the Seven Deadly Sins?"