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Hanging lettuce and moss basket--would love to try this and hang it in the shade in the hot summer....

Grow your own ginger Takes about ten months starting from supermarket root. You can harvest the grass and cut pieces off the root and replant - it will keep growing

How to: Grow a Year-Round Salad Garden

How to: Grow a Salad Garden in a 2' x 2' box. Experiment: how many of these would I need to feed myself? Note: if making more than one, leave out the carrots and radishes. Replace some chard with kale. Add green onions.

Isolation Bags: Keep seed collection true by using tulle or cheesecloth bags tied around the plant.

15 Recipes to Use and Preserve Fresh Basil

Weed Killer At Half The Price Of Round Up Recipe

WEED KILLER - 2 c salt, 1 gallon white vinegar (at least 5% acidity), 8 drops Dawn Dishsoap. It wil kill what is sprayed!