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School Districts Are Standing In The Way Of

School Districts Are Standing In The Way Of Public School EdtechNo gymnasiums no cafeterias and no administrators. Thats school policy at AltSchools a chain of private for-profit schools backed by the likes of Andreessen Horowitz and Mark Zuckerberg. At the location I visited this October the school schedule was written on a white board and could be changed in real time. Students flowed between grade levels and classes based upon what they Read More

Mark Zuckerberg Will Take Two Months Off From Facebook For Paternity Leave - Mark Zuckerberg, the face of Facebook since the company’s founding back in 2004, will be taking a few months off for paternity leave. News of his time off comes by way of — no surprises here — his Facebook. Read More TechCrunch All about technology :... | | #Tech #News

The Great White Fail Whale - Call me Ishmael. Some years ago–never mind how long precisely–having nothing particular to interest me in meatspace, I thought to visit the Vale of Silicon. It is a way I have of driving off the spleen. Whenever my meds get such an upper hand of me, that I yearn to troll... | | #Tech #News

Facebook Says It Will Enable Safety Check In During More Human Disasters, Following Criticism - Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg committed to turning on Safety Check in more human disasters going forward, responding to criticism that the company turned on its safety feature for Paris but not for Beirut and other bombings. Zuckerberg explained that the Paris terror ... | | #Tech #News

Live is having a moment - Twitter, which turned 10 this week, has apparently made Live its entire organizing principle. At an all-hands meeting last month, Mark Zuckerberg declared live video a top priority for Facebook. Clearly, Zuck’s directing his fight toward Twitter’s Periscope, a mobile live... | | #Tech #News

GoPro Integrates With Periscope - Action camera maker GoPro is integrating with Periscope, the livestreaming app from Twitter. Owners of the GoPro HERO4 cameras will be able to broadcast their adventures directly to Periscope. As soon as the GoPro is paired to an iPhone, it will recognize the Periscope app and let... | | #Tech #News

Orange Is Thinking About Acquiring Bouygues Telecom - Who will buy Bouygues Telecom? Rumor has it that the telecom company has been looking for a buyer for a while now. And it looks like Orange might be interested after all in order to make sure it remains the telecom leader in France. Read More TechCrunch All about technology... | | #Tech #News

Instagram Extends Video Ads From 30 To 60 Seconds To Attract TV Dollars - Instagram today announced that it began running its first 60 second video ads, starting with T-Mobile and Warner Brothers. Until now, the maximum length for video ads was 30 seconds, already longer than the 15-second videos users are allowed to post. Instagram tells me that “We... | | #Tech #News

Money For Nothing For Everyone - “There is something more powerful than the brute force of bayonets: it is the idea whose time has come.” And so last weekend I visited the Basic Income Createathon–held, appropriately enough, at Brigade in San Francisco–to witness the early stirrings of a... | | #Tech #News

Sources: India’s Flipkart in talks to raise up to $1b, likely in a down round - After years of raising hundreds of millions of dollars to tap into the burgeoning e-commerce market in India, one of the country’s biggest tech companies is facing a markdown in its valuation as it aims to pick up yet more investment. TechCrunch has learned from sources that F... | | #Tech #News