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Sailor moon villians! #Fanart #SailorMoon

So many sailor moon villains! I just noticed why is there a lot of girl villains?

Sailor Moon 6: Art Book BSSM Original Picture Collection: Materials Collection at MangaFox.me

Esmeraude is an alien from Nemesis and a member of the Black Moon Clan. She attacks by throwing.

Queen Nehelenia (#Dead Moon Circus)

Queen Nehelenia Dead Moon Circus Queen Neherenia Reina Neherenia Sailor Moon Sailor Moon Yume Sailor Moon Dreams Sailor Moon Super S

Sailor Moon & Chibiusa / Fanart / pigeon666 sailor moons outfit is so cute!!

Sailor MOON & Chibiusa - pigeon666

World of Eternal Sailor Moon

bishoujo senshi sailor moon black lady black rose breasts character name chibi usa cleavage crescent double bun earrings facial mark flower forehead mark highres jewelry kyanite lipstick long hair makeup older pink eyes pink hair pink lipstick red ro

Queen Beryl, Mistress 9, Black Lady, Queen Nehelenia, Sailor Galaxia, and Moon Princess ^_^

Sailor Moon Villains / Galaxia, Queen Beryl, Queen Nehelenia, Black Lady and Mistress 9 surrounding Princess Serenity