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Cardio Combat Fitness

It’s time to get your blood moving in Cardio Combat II, the second nonstop cardio workout in Jaime McFaden’s Tone and Trim series! Keeping it old school with classic moves like mountain climbers and burpees, this Grokker Premium video will raise your heart rate and help you slim down. At only twenty minutes, with modifications for beginners and advanced levels, this workout is a great start for a healthy heart.

The things that challenge us in life give us change. In this twenty-minute Grokker Premium video, Jaime McFaden will cycle you through ten nonstop cardio moves to torch off fat. You don’t need a treadmill or any special equipment to slim down! In this boot camp installment of the Tone and Trim series, modifications for beginners and advanced levels make this an easy and excellent cardio routine for all.

Getting The Best Results From Your Fitness Routine. Read the rest of this entry » http://www.fatlosscenter.info/fat-burner/getting-the-best-results-from-your-fitness-routine/

Workout #216 complete. Body Combat by @lesmillstribe - fun, fast and working in a group always pushes me harder. Illustrated braids for this; plaited hair is great for workouts - just wish I could master the boxer braids! Side note: booty goals 🍑 #fitspo #lesmills #bodycombat #boxfit #braids #illustration #2017 #cardio #fitgirl #art #drawing #fitness #workout @virginactiveuk

@zuzkalight's #HIIT 5-min Fit Friday WO #26 - Cardio & Legs (kickboxing) || Workout Breakdown (2 Rounds/ 30 seconds each) 1. Jump Lunge Kick Up 2. Martelo Burpees 3. Jump Squat side kick 4. Front Kick Push Ups 5. Jaw Kick Burpees

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