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How to crochet wire bracelet, video tutorial , supply and tools - Yooladesign

How to crochet wire bracelet , A unique jewelry making kit in Yoola's wire crochet invisible spool knitting technique.

Platycostis vittata (Oak Treehopper) | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Oak Treehopper Treehoppers come in a multitude of strange forms and colors and seem otherworldly in comparison to most insects.

Female Tussock Moth (Lymantriinae, Erebidae), China

Female Tussock Moth (Lymantriinae, Erebidae), China

free-style embroidery | ... to freestyle embroidery stitched with kreinik japan threads and anchor

Adapted from a design in 'The Beginners Guide to Freestyle Embroidery'. Stitched with Kreinik Japan threads and Anchor Marlitt.