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To some this may be funny. To me, it's just More Of The Same about this Disgusting, Vile Man. We now have this Horrible Human Being because Millions of Hateful Idiots didn't think about Our Great Country First before voting for this Abomination!! The President Elect likes Golden Showers aka Women Peeing on Him!! OUR COUNTRY IS OFFICIALLY IN THE TOILET AND THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING AND LAUGHING!! God Help Us!!

"I don't understand how some girls can be shy when they eat in front of guys. Bitch I ain't scared to get up and take 5 plates of food at a buffet on a date. If I'm hungry I'm hungry! "

YES! I'M NOT ALONE! I'll get all frustrated because I've got a wad of dollars in one hand, a receipt, and a bunch of change, and I'll be trying to fit it all in my tiny wallet, and it always takes forever, and tehn I get worred about taking too long and my hand start shaking and then it takes even longer!!

I DID NOT like the Alice in Wonderland Movie for some reason, and I honestly am not a big fan of Maleficent either. I LOVE Cinderella though and am stoked about Beauty and the Beast!!!! Love this collage!

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The fact that somebody starts the conversation doesn't automatically mean they don't have any ulterior motives. Sometimes they are just curious about you and want you to reveal something about yourself that they can use against you at some point (they can be your rivals but pretend to be your friends). I have learned that. Not everybody who smiles is your friend or can be trusted.


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20 Grammar Memes Only True Bookworms Will Appreciate

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accurate af. i don't mean to sound rude when saying this, but i think i deserve more credit from my friends than i actually do receive. i understand that i'm (obviously) no one's first choice, but at the same time i believe that i do a lot for the ones i love & i don't feel as if i get the same amount of care in return. correct me if i am wrong, but that is my opinion on this matter. it could just be me being self i tend to end up being .. i get it that im not the pretty one…