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Rockabye Butterfly: using Banagrams/Scrabble tiles in reading practice

Idea: build sight words with scrabble tiles LINK: Rockabye Butterfly: BOB Books- SamPrintables and extension activities for BOB books (one great idea: use bananagrams game to build words)

20 Things Every College Girl Needs for Less than $20

20 things every college girl needs for less than $20

I love this because I feel like the bathrobe can be beneficial in stressful times just because its comfortable and you can just do anything in it around the house.

Bob Harper's Weight Loss Tips

89 Incredibly Simple Swaps That Could Change Your Life

This shouldn't say "skinny rules". It should be "healthy rules". Never go to bed hungry. Your body will go into starvation mode and make your food that you do eat into fat.

Demonstrate the states of matter by building a fizz inflator. This a a fun experiment for a unit on states of matter. You combine vinegar (liquid) and baking soda (solid) to create a gas (carbon dioxide), which blows up the balloon. Before the experiment, have students make a prediction and write a hypothesis. After the experiment, have kids draw and label the parts of the fizz inflator (solid, liquid, gas) in their science notebook. Visit Science Bob to see basic fizz inflator instructions.

Build a Fizz Inflator - Science Bob Baking Soda and vinegar create an ACID-BASE reaction and the two chemicals work together to create carbon dioxide which starts to fill the bottle, and then moves into the balloon to inflate it.

Everything You Need To Know About Romans | Articles | NewSpring Church bible studies bible study plans

Everything You Need To Know About Romans

Whether you've bought a new pendant light or sacrificed your weekend to DIY one of your own, deciding how to hang the light is just as important as the light itself. For instance, if you lack wiring for a ceiling fixture or want to take your pendant light bedside, there are plenty of ways to work around this electrical predicament with found objects or pieces you might already have at home. And if you're just looking to up the aesthetic appeal of a simple light, you can get really creative…

Hanging by a Thread: 9 Inventive Ways to Hang Pendant Lights

Concrete Pendant Light - How to Hang Pendant Lights - 9 Inventive Ideas - Bob Vila

How to paint shadows on clouds

How to paint shadows on clouds

Looking for a recipe for a DIY bouncy ball?  This blog post teaches you how to make homemade bouncy balls that are perfect for learning about the states of matter in Kindergarten, First, and  Second Grade!

Bouncy Balls and Chemistry in the Primary Grades? A Step by Step How-to Guide