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Or for anyone who uses an entire tube of chapstick period. I regularly lose them and find them after I've bought a replacement, causing an extreme surplus in chapstick.

Am I the only one who is DISTURBED by this? Need a new board to pin it on - don't know what I would call it though - maybe "signs that America is going downhill"?

bingo night old people funny--This isn't usually my thing to post pictures like…


Okay, this dogs real name is Tuna. He was a rescue that has a funny face. His name is NOT phteven!

Monday’s Funny Picture Dump – 124 Pics

Funny pictures about I have some weird friends. Oh, and cool pics about I have some weird friends. Also, I have some weird friends.

So adorable. If I ever had an Asian kid..

[54 images] UFUNK – La Sélection du Week End n°64

@Kate Mazur @Anna Totten-Liv Fredrickson @Jeanna Luke Castro @Sophie LB Tomlinson @Ally Squires De Jongh @Christina &

Wrong number dude…

Getting a call or text from a random number is normal. People get wrong numbers all of the time. But, what these people did after someone had the wrong number is hilarious.

I just giggle every time I look at this - Click image to find more Quotes Pinterest pins

seriously, i can't stop singing this! Old School Funny Song Lyrics, Funny Canvas Quote, Black and White Wall Art

I hope that's Batman  @Kathleen Donahue

Goldfish in bathtub with cat's shadow above. Goldfish hope it's batman, ha!

pfff. haha

For real, 11 year olds with "it's complicated" as their relationship status?

Weight lose

Lose weight and get healthy just by drinking water. Cellular health is optimized by drinking water. Stop feeling tired and sluggish! Lose belly fat and optimize your health by drinking 10 eight ounce glasses of water.

Real food won't make you fat....processed food will (even diet foods)!! Adapting to a clean eating lifestyle, and a regular exercise routine, will keep you lean and healthy! <3

Victory Garden of Tomorrow Remixes Posters From the Past

Eat real food" sounds like an obvious thing to say, as if it should go without saying. But in today's industrialized world of processed products-that-are-edible, a reminder to eat only whole, real foods is necessary.

Idea You Should Try! - You Like Jokes

Some glass, a sense of humour and a smartphone required - This is too funny. I love having funny photos of friends as their contact picture.

Carpet for 5 please haha - Click image to find more Humor Pinterest pins

world's silly Questions: Q "Would you like a Table? A "No, not at all, i came to the restaurant to eat on the ground. Carpet for 5 please.