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People spend so much time in there lives complaining about if something isn't the right color. When people in different countries spend there time worrieing about real stuff like where there next meal is coming from

7 year old Ferris. Young newsboy who did not have enough education to make change for investigator. Mobile, Alabama, 1914

Photojournalism: Dorothea Lange The story above all, mother in anguish, childrens hidden faces, the soft shadows that reveille wrinkles of worry.

TEAPUBLICANS Refuse to CUT Taxpayers SUBSIDIES to RICH Profitable Companies.. more than happy to CUT Foodstamps to Children!!!

The International Day for the Eradication of Poverty was observed 10/17 with the theme of "Ending the Violence of Extreme Poverty." The UN encouraged a #EndPoverty social media campaign to stimulate conversation around the topic. Image from the UN of young children in Hyderabad, #India

"This website discusses Eric Jensen's research on teaching students in poverty. Learning to uncover the minds of students who have limited resources and schema motivates me as a teacher." -teaching in poverty