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R5 imagines:Ross lynch imagine -

R5 imagines - Ross lynch imagine

Read Ross lynch imagine from the story imagines by with 323 reads. I was waiting for Ross to come to the college.

even if the only ones I give the reason to, are my children...

Before I die I want to. Give people a reason to remember my name. I want to do something special with my life, something people will remember. Not just for sports or anything like that I want to be remembered for who I am and what I did

Simply Bekah | feelinhipsterxo

: 30 Shades Of Purple Hair Perfect pink plum color Pink hair , magenta hair , purple hair , vibrant hair , mermaid hair

Depends if it's a feels attack or FANGIRL attack or maybe just sitting and living on YouTube and pinterest

What happens when I talk about how perfect Will Herondale is <--- I think you spelled James Carstairs wrong *dreamy eyes*

Haha I love it  and the other pic plus  the video calum did and I really love how they have been spending so much time together lately Like how they have been going to lunch together a lot these past few days and how Ross the rest of R5 and Laura went to lunch together not that long ago

Photo: “Austin & Ally” Cast Trying To Catch The Gingerbread Man December 15, 2014

A&A because R5 may possibly be there and I get to hang out with them. BUT- if I get to hang out with R5 at the concert.... then lemme start over ;)

Hang out on the Austin and Ally set because Rocky, Rydel, Ratliff, Ryland, and Riker are there for every episode