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Sent this to me via text also said to give fans i know his KIK I have nialls KIK. Niallerthehoran1993

Watch Miley Cyrus’ VMA Performance And Cross Your Fingers You Don’t Get Pregnant

The boys reaction to Miley's performance.I think Liam and Harry's reactions are the best. Harry is just,"They are actually letting this happen?" Liam is,"This is not okay... There are kids in the audience... Not okay at all...." Zayn is,"Haha I get it, it's a joke right?" Niall is,"Smile Niall... Smile and support her... Even if you are terrified." Then we have Lou,"Judging you... Seriously judging you." {GIF}.>> And Pauls like "Just look up ,just look up act cool act cool you got this Paul"

Niall Horan with his new haircut!!I think it's cute...I SHALL MISS YUH QUIFF.

All of y'all r looking at the fact he has mc on him but what about the fact hes wearing leggings...