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The Music Historically speaking the rhythms are Anatolian and Greek in their thrust, however one could make the case that certain hues and shades of regions as far as Egypt and The Middle East can be detected in some of the phonic components. In technical parlance there are over a dozen different keys that are used and these shift and change based upon the “makam“, a deep and ambling succession of notes whose denouement ends in the “road”.

Roza Eskenazi Born in the late 19th Constantinople, Roza began her performing career as a dancing girl. Details of her early life are somewhat obscured by the fact that she placed her date of birth in 1910 in a published interview [1982, R. Eskenazi] Her family moved to Thessaloniki when she was a small girl, and sometime later to Athens, certainly before the 1923 population exchange that resulted from the 1922 Asia Minor Disaster. Despite her family's strong disapproval she went…

batis smoking Yiorgos (George) Batis ; the doppelganger of Vamvakaris, a formidable musician and composer in his own right and whose mastery on the “baglama” made him a household name in the scene very quickly. He was part of the “Piraeus Quartet” the now legendary super group that included Vamvakris...

The daily life of the manges serve as the backdrop for many of the lyrical themes that are often present in rembetika songs, and as such one can view the music as a way of life itself. Since many of the rebetes were fiercely prosecuted by the police, an innumerable amount of famous compositions were written while in jail.

Η ΚΟΚΚΙNΙΑ ΜΑΣ: 8 Μάρτη. Τιμούμε τους αγώνες των γυναικών.