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A birch grove - Isaac Levitan - WikiArt.

A birch grove - Isaac Levitan, North Ossetian Republic Museum of Fine Arts, Vladikavkaz, Russia

Левитан Постой в деревне	1890-е	Картон, масло	14,8 x 20,3	Пермская государственная художественная галерея

Quartered in the village - Isaac Levitan, The Art Gallery, Perm, Russia

Isaac Levitan - A Creek 1899

A Creek - Isaac Levitan collaborated with the Chekhov brothers on the illustrated magazine "Moscow"Isaac Ilyich Levitan was a classical Russian landscape painter

Spring in Crimea

Oil painting reproduction: Isaac Levitan Spring In Crimea 1900

Category:Landscape paintings by Isaac Levitan – Wikimedia Commons

wonderingaboutitall: “Remnants Of The Past, Twilight, Finland - Isaac Levitan ”

Isaac Levitan -

1888 watercolor and pencil on paper. 15 х 24 cm & Исаак Ильич Левитан