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I wish some of my teachers would have read this when I was younger. Definitely some great ideas! ACCOMMODATING THE DYSLEXIC STUDENT

Here's What A Font For Dyslexic People Looks Like

brilliant - fonts for people with dyslexia - small changes in type face make letters easier to recognize

Free Text to Speech Software Can Help Students Edit Papers

Text to speech has been used as an accommodation for dyslexics and struggling readers, but did you know that it is also an advantageous device for writers too? Come learn how you can use this technology to help student become better writers!

It can seem overwhelming to add yet another goal to your dyslexic student’s plate, however, teaching him or her the vital skill of self-advocacy will give them greater confidence, self-awareness, and success. Having raised 3, going on 4 now adult kids with dyslexia – I have first hand experience on how empowering this skill can be. What is …

WebQuest: "I Need a Hero" Newly Updated

This WEBQUEST will have your students thinking critically, designing, collaborating, and hopefully saving the day for Hometown, USA. This 3-week. highly motivational and engaging, NO PREP activity is great anytime throughout the year! Enjoy!

How to Use Dictation on Mac and Benefits for Dyslexia

Learning Specialist and Teacher Materials - Good Sensory Learning: How to Use Dictation on Mac and the Benefits for Students with Dyslexia. You can also access a FREE Download and a FREE demonstration.

Graphic Organizers for All Subjects

These graphic organizers are designed to help students learn cognitive organization skills. They are most helpful for students with difficulties such as ADD or ADHD, but are useful to most other students as well! #graphicorganizers #ADHD #reading