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Clara C created this lovely landscape composition using a variety of opal sheet glass. Layering with a final full fuse added to the brilliance of the hues. Nice careful work!

Before firing, this work is an amazing mix of a streaky in the background, layered with opals and clear in a great scene with a pick up and a trailer complete with mountains, etc. Jane P. is a no limits glass artist!

Landscape by Peggy S., multilayered but untraditionally so! Variety of sheet glass with added streakies, medium frits, and layered puddle components have been "inserted" very creatively. Millifiori enhances too! This is an awesome work.

By Deb Altman met the circle challenge with a stunning mix of glass: opals, transparent, iris, and dichros. We slumped this into a bowl. Awesome!

Deb A., has added another beautiful tile to her series of squares. She had used dichroics, millefiori, and irids. with a dynamic mix of transparent & opals!

Great layering and inlay, this landscape has a variety of hues and surfaces created by adding confetti and frit. Caitlin F was open to the magic of fusing with embellishing and experimenting! Very nice work by one of our youngest students.

A stunning landscape by Julie E capturing a unique sky using a streaky sheet glass. Wow!

Creative and finely crafted, this tile by Caitlin C has a pleasing variety of opal colors in the embellished border. Nice job!