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(5) Timeline Photos

PASS THIS INFORMATION ALONG: Home address and telephone number of Dwight R Worley, the 'journalist' who published the addresses of New Yorkers who have gun permits.

President Barack Obama, trying to rescue his much-criticized health care program, is set to discuss strategy with health insurance CEOs. Here Comes Chicago Thuggery!

Obama to Meet with Health Insurance CEOs

Everybody knows someone who makes complicated #Coffee orders! This lady takes the cake though:

Have you ever been behind this lady in line at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf?

Nothing like a delicious #IceBlended from @The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on a hot day! Beware the brain freeze:

When drinking a delicious from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, beware of the brain freeze!

One Trend That Won't End by Team Spaceman

Shoulder Pads, Acid Wash, Neon and drinks. 1989 never looked so good.

Not So Secret Plan to Shut Off Cellphones and the Internet, Explained --- when will we say enough??!!!

Cell Phone Kill Switch Confirmed - Conspiracy Theory No Longer - Is This Why Cell Phone Services Have Been Going Out Across America?