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Recently I saw this fun Age-Appropriate Chores for Children chart. It got me thinking about the parenting that occurs at my house. Everyday in my home a silent war between my wife and I occurs. This unspoken war is what makes us, I hope, really great pare

Wow, when you look at it this way, it really does go by quickly.I commit that I will spend all the time I can making this time together the best!

Omg but how do I know WHAT discipline is the right one?!?! He told me because I'm not the fun parent is why he lies to me! No.. I'm the parent that bought his a xbox, an iPhon, laptop etc etc ?!

Sometimes we get too soft in our parenting. We want the best for our children, and we sometimes don’t realize that the best for our child doesn’t always look very pretty. These are called “consequences.” Today I wanted to talk about consequences that make sense for kids. It’s our struggles and our consequences that make us learn and become stronger and more apt to make right decisions. If we don’t…

Family Meeting Question: If we could be the best family that we could be, what kinds of things would we be doing and saying?

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