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.I just really think cyber goths look so cool -HW

LOVE the hair Goth, Cyber Goth, Cyber Punk, post apocalyptic and Fantasy are…

Two-toned Extreme V-bangs #purple and #green

Green and Purple Cyber Punk. Cyber style t-shirt and striped arm socks matching the hair. Dread falls and goggles.



(33) Tumblr

Cyber Goth couple with coordinating PVC fetish inspired outfits and gas masks. BDSM styling with corsets.

dark-beauties: “ Dark beauty http://dark-beauties.tumblr.com/ ”

Cyber goth Cheshire colored dreadfalls *ughh who made these?* *also I believe this is a wig*

cyber goth Insta_Rave

Black and purple crinoline dread falls, gas mask and goggles. PVC corset and skirt.