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Wow this is actually really nice

A totally gothy black rose! (Black Rose - Halfeti, Turkey Is this the most awesome thing or what?

Split the stems into strands, place each one in food colouring and get rainbow flowers. Only catch must have a very large round stem in order to achieve this. Or you can inject white roses as they grow.

tiny monsters — These arrived today, out of the blue. Amazing.

I love rainbow! If rainbow was a colour, it would be my favourite colour. And my favourite flowers are Roses. So these combined - absolutely gorgeous! Want a vase of rainbow roses in my home after I'm married lol Not too much to ask lol :)


I love flowers like this'd climbing rose bush so beautiful on a stone wall Stunning Red Rose Garden Wall

Moving forward. Work can be stressful it really is never ok to take it out on others. I really like this class I took for the first time trampoline workout class. The movement is good to let stress go. It is a possibility to do it again. Yoga is also on my list to get back into.

DaHLia 'Stillwater Plum' ___ The plants produce of show-quality blooms. Great for a low border or Small Container ___Corralitos Gardens

100 - Sunflower Chianti Hybrid Seeds

VeLVeT QUeeN SuNFLoWeR ___ Magnificent flowers with velvety crimson petals & black hearts. The well-branched plants grow to 5 ft tall.


Who doesn't love pink roses? Pink roses have a special place in our heart. So, here we list out of some of the most beautiful pink roses ever.

Deeper shades. This rose is called "Claude Monet"

Claude Monet rose - Will there be Monet roses in Monet's Garden at NYBG? Only time will tell! monet-s-garden

Forgotten Love <3

This reminds me of one red rose I had blooming out of 3 feet of snow by my lamp post when I lived on Long Island.My grandma always said it meant something -) It didn't have any frost on it tho.it was a fresh red rose -)