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Sternberg’s Love Theory: The triangular theory of love is a theory of love developed by psychologist Robert Sternberg. In the context of interpersonal relationships, ‘the three components of love, according to the triangular theory, are an intimacy component, a passion component, and a decision/commitment component’.

Pornography Destroys These Things In A Wife

Recently, I sat down and interviewed my husband regarding sex. I figured by doing this, I would kill two birds with one stone. For one, I would learn more | Christian Date Night Ideas, Communication, Encouragements For Wives, Sex & Intimacy In Marriage

How Sex is Also a Spiritual Experience

10 Inspirational Quotes from Rumi

Your heart knows the way. Rumi quote. >> click to read more about sex, relationships, orgasms, intimacy, dating and love.

Make Me Forget My Name

It's a fantastic thing for a man to love your brain but also want to take you to bed to make you forget your own name.

Benefits of Sex... in case you need encouragement to make this area a priority in your marriage