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A Week In Ecuador's Adventure Capital: Baños

A Week In Ecuador’s Adventure Capital: Baños [video post]

A Week In Ecuador's Adventure Capital: Baños

Hoteis em Vinicolas no Chile

Residence @ Clos Apalta in Chile - good memories and great inspiration for the future.

Otavalo market in Ecuador...one of the most eclectic...photogenic...markets ESCAPESEEKER has ever photographed. It's a feast for the senses!

Zampoñas, (musical instruments also known as panflutes) at Otavalo market in Ecuador

Antisana from Quito,Ecuador. This is my second most favorite mountain. So awesome.

Antisana from Quito,Ecuador. Growing up i could see two or three volcanoes from my bedroom window every morning! i wish i could take kyle to Ecuador so he could see where i grew up.

Ecuador Itinerary one month

One Month In Ecuador Itinerary: The Andes to the Coast

Ecuadorian street food - Helados de paila

15 Ecuadorian street foods you must try – Visiting Ecuador

Top Ecuadorian street food dishes to try when visiting Ecuador, from empanadas to espumilllas and salchipapas.

A Week in Huaraz, Peru

A Week in Huaraz, Peru

Tucked amidst the white-capped peaks of the Cordillera Blanca range, the city of Huaraz, home to inhabitants, sits at over metres in elevation.