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Teach Your Toddler: Pumpkin Patch Sensory Small World

Raising Little Geniuses Pumpkin Patch Sensory Bin/Small World. Perfect sensory bin for kids this fall

Green Sensory Bin. Help your toddler or preschooler learn their colors with a fun sensory bin with a green theme and objects to explore.

Green objects exploration sensory bin with split peas

Sensory Farm Small World from Raising Little Geniuses. Lots of new tactile experiences for toddlers to have with this bin and use for pretend play or learning with a farm theme or farm unit

If you're looking for a sensory bin that includes some pretend play small world fun this is a great one.

Red & Green Complimentary Colors Sensory Bin. Toddlers and babies can get into the Christmas spirit with this, or just learn about complimentary colors any time of the year.

Once children know their basic colors I think it's important to start introducing concepts such as complimentary colors.

Blue Sensory Bin for kids to learn their colors by exploring objects

Blue objects exploration sensory bin with epsom salt

Pumpkin Slime Play Recipe ~ Growing A Jeweled Rose

SILLY Pumpkin Putty- this ooey gooey slime is perfect for Fall & smells just like pumpkin pie. Kids can make fun pretend pumpkin treats as they stretch, pull, squish, & giggle! Berggren - prob better than playdough getting all over the place!

19 Engaging Activities for 1 Year Olds


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