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Japanese castles I've visited: #37 Izushi Castle in Hyogo Prefecture. You can visit Takeda Castle and this one in 1 day! :D

Did you know that there's such a beautiful castle in Kyoto? Momoyama Castle aka Fushimi Castle is very close to the famous Fushimi Inari Shrine. Read more about it here:

Japanese castles I've visited: #43 Kawagoe Castle in Saitama Prefecture. There's no castle building left, but a really interesting museum worth visiting! :D

Today is "Castle Day" (4/6 = shi - ro: shiro, 城 = castle)!! ;) Photo: Ozu Castle (Ehime Prefecture, Shikoku): Great Japanese Castles You Just Have to Visit:

Japanese castles I've visited: #9 Echizen Katsuyama Castle in Fukui Prefecture. The castle is a modern reconstruction, but the main tower is REALLY cool! Inside is a huge and interesting museum! :)

Japanese castles I've visited: #17 Gifu Castle in Gifu Prefecture. Not one of my favorite castles, but the view from up there is awesome! :D