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Then you have Trump that faked bone spurs to get three draft deferments from the Vietnam war..while still playing Football in college..and according to him he was the best player the school had ever seen. He also played several other sports. No wonder he is buddies with Ted Nugent who crapped in his pants for a week?4 going to his induction physical. Traitors

American Presidents in uniform. I really think it should be required for a president to have served in the military.

Obama vs Franklin

Funny pictures about Security And Liberty. Oh, and cool pics about Security And Liberty. Also, Security And Liberty photos.


James Woods on

POTUS years of Saul Alinsky-inspired,neo-Marxism & George-Soros-controlled Divide & Conquer/ Destroy America plan in action

Obama did NOTHING

Can you say double standard and cover-up? thk::::::::::::::That;s not double standard! It was all planned by the Black Emperor and when things were wrong, the actors needed to be sacrificed.

2 of the most dangerous people in this country. If she wins the most dangerous in the world!

These two, Bill and Hillary, want back in the White House. No more lying scumbags in the White House. No more illicit sex in the Oval Office, disrespecting both the Presidency, and the American people.