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Screamin' Eagles " just like the one at Lake Como Uncle Pete shared with me. It was truly majestic.

Juan Fernández petrel (Pterodroma externa) | Quintero (V), Chile

Juan Fernández petrel (Pterodroma externa) | Quintero (V), Chile

A male pennant-winged nightjar (Macrodipteryx vexillarius) in flight at night - easily the most challenging photograph I have ever taken. This image needed the help of 3 other people, and took many night soy trying. Through all the nights, I only managed one frame I was truly happy with, and this is it! It is a rare bird, and only has its famous pennants for a short time of the year during the breeding season. I was very lucky to find this individual, and even luckier to get the shot!

Guys, check out this crazy bird! This is a real animal, I shit you not! The Pennant-winged Nightjar (Macrodipteryx vexillarius) Credit goes to my sister for showing me this beauty!

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Male Resplendent Quetzal, This species is the Guatemala’s national bird. Blue and beautiful. I had wondered what the actual bird looked like when in Quetzaltenango. We heard it's call daily, but never saw one - they're so shy!