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Funniest movie moment ever!

My favorite part of any movie ever is this scene and the previous scene of Bridesmaids! I can't stop laughing when I watch it.

Walter not giving his blessing for party time. | Walter Stratford's Best Moments In "10 Things I Hate About You"

10 Things I hate about you movie quote "It's just a party" . "and hell is jusy a sauna"

Grand Theft Auto By Kristen Wiig... My favorite part of the movie...

Grand Theft Auto By Kristen Wiig

Grand Theft Auto By Kristen Wiig... My favorite part of the movie...

probably one of the best quotes in the entire movie

Mean Girls - "So if you're from Africa.why are you white? [Asking a white girl]" "Oh my god, Karen, you can't just ask people why they're white.

The 10 Best SNL Crack-Ups Having a bad day? Watch this! Sooooo funny!

The 10 Best SNL Crack-Ups

The 10 Best SNL Crack-Ups Need cheering up? Watch this stuff, I was in tears laughing so hard, I love it when the cast can't hold it together!

the proposal easily one of my favorite movies

Sunday brunch (60 photos)

The proposal - 'what am I allergic to?' 'Pine nuts and the full spectrum of human emotion'

Ive seen this pin a few times. and I thought it was funny, but then I actually watched this episode and now I notice Cory and topanga's professor in the background, about to get into a fight because he (the professor) came onto topanga. And its a really dramatic scene because topanga isn't listening to the conversation, and this is her halfhearted answer.

Weird Middle Name

Topanga has a weird middle name. {This always makes me laugh WAY too hard. "Your first name's Topanga. What's your middle name, Shmaboopie?


Clueless: my plastic surgeon doesn't want me doing any activity where balls fly at my nose. well there goes your social life. Love this movie.