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Beautiful sculpture from Elmwood Cemetery in Tennessee. Photo by Thomas Hawk.

Rust and Patina in Montparnasse Cemetery in Paris | Via Pagoo on Flickr

Blue rusted Angel - Montparnasse Cemetery, Paris by Pagoo!

Cast-iron for eternity

Henning Mühlinghaus Cast-iron for eternity At the Brugge cemetery, Belgium. Detail of a cast-iron cross.

©Vincent Brun Hannay Paris Le père Lachaise

Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris by Vincent Brun Hannay

For The Love Of Verdigris

"Melaten-Friedhof" (Melaten Cemetery) in Cologne. It's one of the most important cemeteries in Germany

Fantastic images...this is why I've always been crazy about cemeteries...

Grave, overgrown with ivy - abandoned graveyard of Dieweg, Brussels

Verdigris Hands (folded in grief)

I am drawn to verdigris. Verdigris is a thin layer of corrosion that appears on copper, bronze and similar metals due to exposure to weather or aging. Also known as patina, it is typically made up of oxides or carbonates.