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One Mosquito Bite Could Kill Your Dog

Just one bite from an infected mosquito can give your dog a potentially fatal disease. Luckily, it's simple to protect your pup from heartworms.

Zoochosis: The Disturbing Thing That Happens to Animals in Captivity - "Blackfish already made a splash in the animal captivity scene, and now Zoochosis, a short documentary about the very unnatural behaviors that captive animals exhibit in artificial zoo environments, is adding more waves."

SOMETHING FOR US ALL TO BE PROUD OF! 5 Massive Animal Die-Offs That Are Probably Our Fault Read more:

Did you know heartworms can grow to 16 inches in length and there can be as many as 250 heartworms in a dog's vital organs? Heartworms | Pets & Parasites: The Pet Owner’s Parasite Resource

Another proof of human idiocy. So-called hog-dog rodeos are events at which frenzied dogs, usually pit bulls, are turned loose, one or two at a time, in pens to attack wild pigs as onlookers cheer and judges rate dogs by how quickly they take down their prey. To prevent injury to the dogs, the hogs tusks are often first snapped off with a steel pipe and hammer or with bolt-cutters, rendering these animals completely defenseless. Click and sign the petition please!

Mexico City Bans Circus Animals in Shows / AGAIN U.S. takes back seat to other countries