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cashmeousside, funny, trump - iFunny :)<<<< Hey, But you look fabulous!

My Favourite Ginger... (ed sheeran,awesomeness,funny)

Didn't think I could love him anymore than I already did, but that last statement proved me wrong! Love you Edward Christopher Sheeran!

It's not a sexual kind of good normally, it's more of a comfort, I promise

Imma be honest: the fact that they both said sorry was really Effin cute mam

Men will be looking for quite a while . . .

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tumblr comments...Basketball shorts though!!! Then it's always just poking up slightly...it's so distracting lol

Oh Jesus I'm not the only one? I thought I was horrible and it's not even a flirty thing or like I'm trying it's just like "dicks fit in there?