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Boule de Neige - David Austin Roses

A perfect snow ball, Boule de Neige, smelly and soft but that looks like a camellia.

Alba Maxima (Alba) Before 1867. Also known as The Jacobite Rose, this variety goes all the way back to at least the 15th century. Double white blooms with tinted creamy centers and gay-green foliage. Makes a great choice for a traditional cottage garden. Very hardy. Grows up to 6 feet tall. Learn more at Classic Roses UK:  https://www.classicroses.co.uk/roses/alba-maxima-shrub-rose.html

(Alba) 'Jacobite Rose','White Rose of York'. Beautiful very fragrant, rather muddled double blooms, wihich are white with creamy tinted centers. Complemented with leaden-green leaves this rose sets good autumn fruit if left unprunned. An award winning har


Leander Climbing: Beautiful medium-sized blooms of deep apricot colouring. The origin of a group of excellent varieties that include A Shropshire Lad and Jame.

Claire Austin  Beautiful white cups on an elegant shrub. Strong myrrh scent with hints of meadowsweet.

Climbing Rose - Claire Austen - One of the best white climbers from David Austen Roses. Can also be grown as a shrub!

'Variegata di Bologna' - white rose striped with crimson

'Variegata di Bologna' - white rose striped with crimson