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10 Modern Meditation Mantras to Enhance Your Boho Life

I admit it: Sometimes I need extra inspiration in the course of my day as a social worker. Do you know what I mean? If you’ve had similar struggles, you may ask yourself three questions about your self care checklist: Did I sleep and eat well? √ Did I stretch and exercise? √ Did I meditate and pray? √ If you …

10 Spiritual TED Talks

You are probably aware of the benefits of positive thinking. Unfortunately, becoming an optimist doesn't happen over night. Thankfully there are effective ways to start seeing the glass half full. Here are some unhelpful thinking styles that may be holding you back as well as a step-by-step meditation exercise to get you on a path to relaxation.

Exactly. I was raised to believe that the voices i heard in my head were the devil or the holy spirit. The problem is that they were actually my own voices of diassociative identity disorder from chronic childhood abuse. Until i could recognize it as that i couldn't deal with the actual issue.

Mindfulness Activities

Help kids and young adults practice mindfulness to help promote happiness, attention, and emotional control. Mindfulness activities include listening to music, coloring, making crafts, and much more. Activities are specifically tailored to kids and young adults.

Mindfulness is a distinct quality of attention that is dependent upon and influenced by many other factors: the nature of our thoughts, speech and actions; our way of making a living; and our efforts to avoid unwholesome and unskillful behaviors, while developing those that are conducive to wise action, social harmony, and compassion.

Mindfulness is something we all need to have but not something we all have. Mindfulness is having the ability to live in the present time, whilst being aware of our lives through our thoughts and feelings. #mindfulness