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power lines

power lines

While electricity rates have been rising in Ontario, we have been exporting…

Why are we paying N.Y. to take our electricity?

Why are we paying N. to take our electricity?

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'Those with low, or very low food security were more likely to be in higher mental health distress,' said Thomas Anderson, the report's author, adding that food insecurity was found to be an even larger factor for men.

Alethea Arnaquq-Baril, an Inuit filmmaker, is one Arctic youth fighting for Inuit issues to be heard

The face of climate change: how Inuit youth lead the fight to save the Arctic

They are more worried about surviving day to day than what may happen to their great grandchildren. Maatalii Okalik is taking the young voice of the Canadian Arctic to the global climate change talks in Paris: ‘We’re the ones really affected by it’

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The right-wing think tank, Fraser Institute, says Ontario's coal-fired power plant closures did little to improve provincial air quality. Some scientists dispute the claim

Experts say Fraser Institute report on coal and clean air is "scientifically flawed"

A Canadian First Nations community in northern Ontario declared a state of emergency this weekend after several people there attempted suicide.

What can Canada do to relieve a First Nations community in crisis?

‘Need your prayers’: The youth-suicide crisis gripping a Canadian community

Rick and Jann Arden Join a Marching Band

Rick and Jann march with the Calgary Stetson Show Band in Okotoks, AB.