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Low Carb Buffalo Chicken Meatballs

Low carb and keto friendly! These buffalo meatballs are perfect for snacking on!

Wake Up! Essential oil face mist: 2-3 drops lemon 5 drops peppermint 2-3 drops of melaleuca (tea tree oil) Filtered water to fill 3 oz spray bottle. Shake up and mist over clean face.

WD-40 does pretty much everything. stops mirrors from misting, cleans stainless steel sinks, removes crayon and lipstick stains..etc etc

5 Of The Best Essential Oil Brands To Try

When I'm out and about, it seems like I am forever trying to keep my kid's hands clean. This essential oil spray is a quick, easy and natural way! 1 oz glass spray bottle 5 drops doTERRA Melaleuca, 5 drops doTERRA OnGuard, 1 tsp FCO or Aloe Vera (optional), Water to the top, Combine in spray bottle. Shake before each use. Missed onto hands and allow to air dry. If you have tiny ones you will be using this on, just do 10 drops Melaleuca and skip the OnGuard Tag your mama friends!

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