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Can't. Look.  Away!

Daily Afternoon Randomness (50 Photos)

Asian babies and Pomeranians . two of my most favorite things ! For perla

Humans should learn from animals…

Humans should learn from animals…

A Chimpanzee Adopts An Orphaned Puma Cub oh my goodness my heart just melted

Gah! That first picture! The tongues! The love! It's too much!

Cat takes a bath…

Cat takes a bath… Glass Glass Burchard Design Belcher- now that's what I call a cowlick

Great picture, see we can all learn to get along

I want a golden retriever and a cheetah* that are BFFs *this is not a cheetah, this is a leopard.

<b>Monkeys seem to make friends with all creatures great and small.</b> I wish I had a monkey friend!

and a Kangaroo.

Just a Gibbon, holding a Wallaby. No big deal. Except that the Gibbon is creeping me out!

I want to cuddle you. I'd name you Albert after my favourite little piggy

one day when i am rich i will love my tea cup pig, they are so cutiest animals.

Curious Baby Seal. aws. #baby #seal #animal #jumblzar

Funny pictures about The Internet needs more baby sea lions. Oh, and cool pics about The Internet needs more baby sea lions. Also, The Internet needs more baby sea lions.

Get adopted they said.  It will be fun, they said....... lol l'm sure the puss loves it

Oh God, Help Me…

Beautiful pitbull

love Puppy Dog Puppies Hound Dogs American Pit Bull Terrier Stafforsdshire Pittie staffie oh my gosh those eyes!