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Mr Porter 'Made in California' event (April 2017)

mattbomeritalia: “ Mr Porter ‘Made in California’ Launch Party - April 19 [mattbomerfan] ”

Mat Bomer

Matt Bomer IS Christian! "with unruly dark copper colored hair and intense bright grey eyes.

Magic-Mike-XXl-On-Set-Joe-Manganiello-Matt-Bommer-Channing-Tatum-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (8)

Channing Tatum & Matt Bomer Make it a Gun Show on 'Magic Mike XXL' Set! Channing Tatum and Matt Bomer put their muscled arms on display.

Mr Porter 'Made in California' event (April 2017)

Matt Bomer Basically Had a Modeling Shoot at Mr Porter Event!: Photo Matt Bomer shows off his model good looks while posing for some cool photos at Mr Porter's Made in California Launch Party on Wednesday (April at the Hollywood…

I used to think life was fair, and then I saw Matt Bomer and found out he had a husband and three kids..

If you've watched Bomer slink around Manhattan as the gorgeous and charming Neal Caffrey on his show "White Collar" it becomes very clear why he is a fan favorite. Look at that face. The camera loves this man! He is Christian Grey!

Mr. Porter "Made in California" launch party, April 19, 2017

Matt Bomer at Mr Porter “Made In California” Launch Party in Hollywood

Matt Bomer

“““My personal life is a source of incredible happiness for me, but it’s personal, and it’s not for me to hock or shop around to the highest bidder.