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Sage: The Must-Grow Plant (Find Out How & Why To Use It)

Herbal Detox & Healing Herbs: ❤Sage is a commonplace herb used throughout the world for both culinary and medicinal purposes.

How to heal cavities naturally

How I Healed My Child's Cavity

How to heal cavities naturally. No more "drill it and fill it". 3 butter oil capsules every morning along with A daily teaspoon of fermented cod liver oil. I’ve always been pretty strict about a daily cod liver oil dose.



Sage Herb Salvia Plant

Sage Herb Salvia Plant

Parsley is rich in vitamin K, C and A. It also contains iron, copper, manganese, and folate. Parsley is useful as a digestive aid with its high fiber content. A tea made from parsley is a traditional remedy for colic, indigestion, and intestinal gas. As an herb sprinkled in food, it actually helps purify the blood and fight cancer. Eating parsley is now thought to be a way to detoxify the system of harmful compounds.

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