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pellet mill  преса за пелети

pellet mill преса за пелети

Rainwater purifier

Homemade Water Filter: "Jungle Survival: Finding Water" - always helpful information as long as you have sand, rocks, charcoal, and a plastic bag.

Tutorial on making a rope bed, and a straw mattress...  I think I'll be using this for camping season.

A rope bed how to. (They are actually very comfy, like a hammock.for a dog bed? Frame only, not the rope part.

DIY concrete letters for my collage or mixed media painting

Within a few minutes + drying time you can do these easy concrete letters. In English and Swedish. - can make concrete magnets

Bamboo Joint Lashing Techniques - YouTube

Drilled bamboo lashings can be used to connect more than one cross-pole to an upright, which is a good way to make bamboo frameworks.

Expand Your First Aid Kit | Ultimate Emergency Medical Supply List by Survival Life

How To Become Self Reliant Through Homesteading

The Survival Doctor Ultimate Emergency Medical Infographic - Preparing For SHTF and the zombie apocalypse

Picture of Building the GEK Gasifier in seven parts

Building the GEK Gasifier in Seven Parts

this site has information on solar and wind and anything else to get you off the grid, all with full instructions . (the project pictured is part of a series of instructables from all power labs showing how to create a honda accord that runs on wood gas

Birch...   Never knew the shavings are scented of wintergreen!   Found this out recently while shaving a newly discovered hiking staff..  Nice surprise!!

6 Trees Every Survivalist Should Know

5 trees every survivalist should know & why: White birch, American basswood, white pine, white oak, sugar maple

17 Lifestyle Infographics You Won't Know How You Lived without ...

17 Lifestyle Infographics You Won't Know How You Lived without ...

TUTORIAL: Anthropologie Inspired Scroll Garland

DIY Anthropologie Inspired Scroll Garland

TUTORIAL: Anthropologie Inspired Paper Scroll Garland - Perfect for Hanukkah Parties, or used as backdrop for any dessert or buffet table!

Cooking Stoves for Reducing Indoor Air Pollution

Dona-justa Rocket Stove - Schematic (have the Coppice wood gravity fed instead with mesh wire case with lid on top of it) pretty damn cool!

Resultado de imagen para como purificar el agua casero

Resultado de imagen para como purificar el agua casero

AQUS water reuse system by Sloan reuses wastewater from your sink to flush your toilet.  It is tucked in your sink cabinet and connects with a single hose to the reservoir inside the vanity to the toilet.  This eliminates waste of fresh water for flushing the toilet.  This saves 10-20 gallons per day per toilet.

The AQUS Toilet System

The aqus toilet system takes grey water from the sink and funnels it to the toilet tank, saving water.