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JEROME: “WICKEDEST TOWN IN THE WEST” Really ??? I didn't think so.. Did I miss something... Maybe it was wicked in the Old Days of the West.

Bradlee Dean | “History repeats itself, and that’s one thing wrong with history. Or right with history!” I thought it was very telling this past week that the President o

By 9:30 PM the legendary Brown Mountain Lights should begin to make their appearance as they dance in the darkness of the valley between Mile Posts 299 and 317! What a spectacular way to end day one!!! #VolvoJoyride

The Flowertown Players, established in 1976, are Summerville's local theatre group. To maintain the historic James F. Dean theatre, and to support drama equipment purchases, the Flowertown Players typically produce six shows per season. To support the theatre, attend their plays, become involved in acting in, or ushering a show, or attending drama classes. | For more information, and a list of shows and available times, visit 133 S. Main Street 843.875.9251