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Inuyasha and Kagome

Nalu And InuKag by DarkMousyxKagome.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

My two favorite ships and animes put together, I have never seen these two put together at all. These were also the two animes, InuYasha then Fairy Tail! I LOVE it!

Inuyasha- Sessomaru #Anime Kawaii

Fluff Fluff Fluff <-- he's a poodle if I'v ever seen one.

+SessKag+ Everyday Love 5 by

I don't ship this, but this is really well done and cute +SessKag+ Everyday Love…

Jaken is an idiot hahaha but funny! XDDD

Inuyasha~ Sesshomaru *rolls eyes dramatically* Of course Jaken.

+SessKag+ Everyday Love by YoukaiYume.deviantart.com on @deviantART

I'm actually a Sesshomaru x Rin fan but this is incredibly cute so I'll pin it anyway!(from artist YoukaiYume) (I'm not a fan of SessKag but these are dang cute.

#inuyasha #naraku #kikyo #kagura #sesshimaru #jakotsu #kagome #kanna #hakudoshi 犬夜叉性別差問卷W

#inuyasha #naraku #kikyo #kagura #sesshimaru #jakotsu #kagome #kanna #hakudoshi 犬夜叉性別差問卷W

Another thing Inupapa screwed I have to make fun of him since I ridiculed Sessmom two times already. Don't know if it's funny but I surely laughed while drawing it Poor Sessho - he just d...

Too sexy to be my daddy by Teela-akimako-cz. Sessrin xD I'm so dead. But I see you rin👀👅💦